Spring 18 – Data management – maintenance exam

n a sandbox, an Architect changes a Lookup relationship to a Master-Detail on a custom object. The Architect packages this change into a change set. Following best practices, the Architect validates the change with a test-only deployment. However, the validation fails.

Why is the deployment failing?
A. The custom objects were not included in the change set.
B. Run All Tests was not selected.
C. Test Deployments do not support Master-Detail/Lookup field type changes.
D. You cannot change a field type between Master-Detail and Lookup.

of 5.Universal Containers (UC) is an ISV, and a managed package has been installed in a customer’s org. The customer has reported issues with UC’s app when global methods are invoked from Apex the customer wrote.

How does the Architect work with the customer to debug issues in their org?
A. Set debug log level to FINEST in the customer org.
B. Use the ISV Customer Debugger.
C. Conduct a Push Upgrade.
D. Install a beta managed package for additional logging.

3 of 5. The development team supports a Salesforce org with a large number of declarative and programmatic customizations. Each subsequent development project is taking longer to release as it includes all of the customizations for the org, instead of just the changes for the current project. The development team wants to be able to work at a more modular level, with only the code and customizations needed for a given project.

Which model overcomes these challenges and meets the needs of the team?

A. Scrum-based Agile methodology
B. Branch orgs with Continuous Integration
C. Change Sets based on features
D. Source-drive development with Salesforce DX

4 of 5. While developing code in a shared sandbox, developers frequently complain that their changes are being overwritten by other developers and want their own environment.

Which Salesforce DX feature will resolve this conflict?

A. Salesforce CLI
B. Developer Hub
C. Scratch orgs
D. Developer Controlled Packages

Spring 18 – Identity & Access Management maintenance exam

Identify spring 18

Universal Containers uses Customer Community for its customers and wants to make sure that there is an extra layer of security to avoid unauthorized access.

What is the recommended way of enabling two-factor authentication for external users?

A. Use an AppExchange application to implement two-factor authentication for external users.
B. Use custom login flows to implement two-factor authentication for external users.
C. Update external user profile to allow users to verify their identity and avoid unauthorized access.
D. Use dynamic login on the customer community to allow customers to verify their identity

Universal Containers (UC) uses Customer Community to allow its customers to register and perform self-service functions. Due to the growth of the business and the customer base, UC wants to deliver a different experience to its customers based on runtime circumstances.

What is the secure and recommended way of enabling this?

A. Use custom login flows to deliver different experiences by extracting the source from the URL where the customer is visiting from.
B. Develop Lightning components to deliver different experience to customers using their information stored in Salesforce.
C. Use an AppExchange product to customize the Customer Community login experience and deliver a personalized experience to customers
D. Enable dynamic login experience by adding expid request parameter in the client configuraiton SSO initialization URL.

Spring 18 – Sharing and Visibility maintenance exam

Sharing and Visibility

n organization uses Enterprise Territory Management to assign Accounts based on geography. In addition, Opportunity Teams are used on complex deals. Sales Reps want to clearly see which Opportunities are part of their territory separate from Opportunities related to the team.

What is the recommended method to meet this requirement?

A. Set the Opportunity Owner to a Queue and filter in a List View.
B. Use a separate Opportunity record types based on Territory or Team.
C. Run an Opportunity report and Show My territories’ opportunities.
D. Use Account Teams instead of Opportunity Teams, which will implicitly restricts access.
Sales Managers at a company create reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience. Sales Managers want to share several reports with their Sales Teams. They also want Sales Team members to be able to contribute their own reports to the team.

What is the recommended method to meet these requirements?

A. Ask an Administrator to schedule report distribution emails to the team members.
B. Share My Personal Custom Reports with Manager Access to Everyone.
C. In Lightning Experience, create a folder and share Editor access to a Group.
D. Switch to Salesforce Classic, create a folder, and share Viewer access with a Group.
of 5. Sales Reps at an organization use Lightning Experience. When on vacation, Sales Reps want to have specific colleagues cover appointments scheduled with prospects as well as create new appointments on their behalf.

Which is the recommended method to meet this requirement?

A. Sales Reps should switch to Salesforce Classic in order to view Calendar details.
B. The Administrator should change Organization Wide Sharing Default for Calendar to Show Details and Add Events.
C. Sales Reps should change the Assigned To on Events that colleagues will cover and colleagues use Chatter for new appointments.
D. Instruct Sales Reps to use Share Calendar, and provide Show Details and Add Events access to colleagues.

of 5. Person Accounts are enabled in Universal Containers (UC) org. UC also uses Business Accounts and related Contacts. Users have requested the ability to share Contact records associated with Business Accounts with their colleagues.

Which feature enables this requirement to be met?

A. The Organization-Wide Sharing Default for Contact cannot be independently set when Person Accounts are used.
B. Set Organization-Wide Sharing Default for Accounts and Contacts to Private, and manually share the Business Contact.
C. Change the Account and Contact Organization-Wide Sharing Default to Public Read Write.
D. Set Organization-Wide Sharing Default for Contact to Controlled by Parent, and manually share the Business Account.
A company uses Einstein Analytics to analyze Opportunity data from Salesforce. Within Salesforce, the appropriate sharing has been set up to limit Opportunity record access to the appropriate users. Within Einstein Analytics, users must see only the data that they can access in Salesforce.

What is the correct security control to implement?

A. Disable the Download Data System Permission for users who access Einstein Analytics.
B. Einstein Analytics automatically follows Salesforce Sharing, no changes are needed.
C. Change the Einstein Analytics Security User to read only object access.
D. Set the dataset Row Level Sharing Source to Opportunity and Security Predicate to false.

Spring 18 Release – Pardot Specialist maintenance

Which feature is available on the Test tab of an engagement program?

A. Dropdown to select specific prospect to test
B. Edit button to change logic on the canvas during testing
C. Text field to enter list of users to test program logic with
D. Date selector to choose date prospect started program

On which type of action can an Admin use the “On Date” wait option in an engagement program?

A. Create Salesforce Task
B. Send Email
C. Notify User
D. Assign to User

5. In an engagement program, if an email is scheduled to send on March 1 and a prospect reaches the email step on March 2, when will the prospect receive the email?

A. The prospect will not receive the email and will move on to the next step in the program.
B. The prospect will receive the email as soon as they reach the step on March 2.
C. The prospect will receive the email on the scheduled date of March 1.
D. The prospect will not receive the email and will be removed from the program.

Where should the Admin navigate to in order to enable SSL for their Pardot tracker domain?

A. Navigate to Admin | Connectors
B. Navigate to Admin | Overview
C. Navigate to Admin | Security
D. Navigate to Admin | Domain Management

Which language, in addition to English, is available for an Admin when creating or editing users?

A. French
B. Portuguese
C. Japanese
D. Spanish

Lightning Flow (Cloud Flow Designer) – Applying a CSS

Lightning Flow provides declarative process automation for every Salesforce app, experience, and portal with two point-and-click automation tools: Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer.

Cloud Flow Designer allow you to configure screens and conditions and branch that along based on the users input.

A typical Salesforce Flow Screen looks like the below, this looks pretty dated and disconnected with the new Salesforce Lightning interface.


Step 1. Create a VisualForce Page, change the context.

Take note of the standardController and extension field.


Step 2. Add in some CSS StyleSheet.

Step 3. Lets create some HTML and add a flow html component


ServiceObject definition does not contain method. ServiceObject:<>.Method: <>

Recently I encountered an issue while deploying a package from one environment to another. While testing the smartobject after the deployment, the following error message pop up :

Figure 1 Smartobject definition error

Reason: this error is thrown when the underlying method (tables or stored procedure in this case) cannot be found. This could be due to deletion or when the external component is not setup yet.

Steps to create the above scenario:

  1. Create a few stored procedures
  2. Refresh the Service Instance so that Stored Procedures are retrieved from the DB .
  3. Create the smartobjects from the instances.
Figure 2 SmartObjects generated from the create method

4. Now go back to the DB and delete one of the previously created Stored Procedure and add another one. Then refresh again (but do not create or generate the smartobject yet):

Figure 3 Newly retrieved Stored Procedures

As can be seen in the above image, there is a difference between the stored procedures. [dbo].[GetAnotherThing] does not exist and a new stored procedure [dbo].[GetSomethingFromTableDrop] is added. When the SmartObject GetAnotherThing is executed, the error dialog in Figure 1 will be shown.

Most of us when generating SmartObjects will use the Service tester to do so and select the Create method (Figure 4). When the Create SmartObjects method is used, smartobject with the missing method will still be there.

Figure 4 Create SmartObjects

The reason is that when this method is used, it does not delete any smartobjects since it is a smartobject creation/update method (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Creating SmartObjects Dialog box

Instead use the Generate smartobject method (Figure 6), this method will display the smartobject to be deleted as well besides the Create/Update method, BUT the drawback is that, it does not allow you to select the category to create the smartobject to:

Figure 6 Generate SmartObject dialog


Do not be mistaken and think that when external components are deleted, and doing a refresh of the service instances and executing the create smartobjects method will remove smartobjects that is to be deleted. Use the generate smartobjects method to help verify whether any smartobjects are to be deleted. Hope this helps someone!

Loading JQuery Globally for Sharepoint Online

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The above code will load the jquery globally on the masterpage and you dont have to deal with making sure it reference everytime or in JS files.

Sharepoint Online – Office 365 Branding (Top Navigation Bar)

As more and more enterprise are embracing Cloud and Office 365, I thought that this will be a great time to start writing up on branding your Sharepoint Online, which comes part of the package with Office 365.

Sharepoint Online comes configured with the Top Navigation Bar for you.  But we want to hide it, as i dont have all the Sites that I created to be shown in that portion.

O365-SP Online - Top Navigation
Use the following .css to hide the “HR” and “Search”.

.ms-breadcrumb-top  {
display: none;

You can add the following the master page or add this to a content editor webpart.