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Salesforce Workflow 101

Salesforce provides many different options and functionality within the platform to help streamline and automate the business. The biggest challenge for any business administrator will be what will be the right options to use.

Today, we are going to talk about Workflow within Salesforce and explain what is the typical use cases and what it is not designed for.

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Spring 18 – Data management – maintenance exam

In a sandbox, an Architect changes a Lookup relationship to a Master-Detail on a custom object. The Architect packages this change into a change set. Following best practices, the Architect validates the change with a test-only deployment. However, the validation fails.

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Spring 18 – Identity & Access Management maintenance exam

Identify spring 18

Universal Containers uses Customer Community for its customers and wants to make sure that there is an extra layer of security to avoid unauthorized access.

What is the recommended way of enabling two-factor authentication for external users?

A. Use an AppExchange application to implement two-factor authentication for external users.
B. Use custom login flows to implement two-factor authentication for external users.
C. Update external user profile to allow users to verify their identity and avoid unauthorized access.
D. Use dynamic login on the customer community to allow customers to verify their identity

Universal Containers (UC) uses Customer Community to allow its customers to register and perform self-service functions. Due to the growth of the business and the customer base, UC wants to deliver a different experience to its customers based on runtime circumstances.

What is the secure and recommended way of enabling this?

A. Use custom login flows to deliver different experiences by extracting the source from the URL where the customer is visiting from.
B. Develop Lightning components to deliver different experience to customers using their information stored in Salesforce.
C. Use an AppExchange product to customize the Customer Community login experience and deliver a personalized experience to customers
D. Enable dynamic login experience by adding expid request parameter in the client configuraiton SSO initialization URL.

Spring 18 – Sharing and Visibility maintenance exam

Sharing and Visibility

In organization uses Enterprise Territory Management to assign Accounts based on geography. In addition, Opportunity Teams are used on complex deals. Sales Reps want to clearly see which Opportunities are part of their territory separate from Opportunities related to the team.

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Spring 18 Release – Pardot Specialist maintenance

Which feature is available on the Test tab of an engagement program?

A. Dropdown to select specific prospect to test
B. Edit button to change logic on the canvas during testing
C. Text field to enter list of users to test program logic with
D. Date selector to choose date prospect started program

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Lightning Flow (Cloud Flow Designer) – Applying a CSS

Lightning Flow provides declarative process automation for every Salesforce app, experience, and portal with two point-and-click automation tools: Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer.

Cloud Flow Designer allow you to configure screens and conditions and branch that along based on the users input.

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Loading JQuery Globally for Sharepoint Online

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The above code will load the jquery globally on the masterpage and you dont have to deal with making sure it reference everytime or in JS files.

Sharepoint Online – Office 365 Branding (Top Navigation Bar)

As more and more enterprise are embracing Cloud and Office 365, I thought that this will be a great time to start writing up on branding your Sharepoint Online, which comes part of the package with Office 365.

Sharepoint Online comes configured with the Top Navigation Bar for you.  But we want to hide it, as i dont have all the Sites that I created to be shown in that portion.

O365-SP Online - Top Navigation
Use the following .css to hide the “HR” and “Search”.

.ms-breadcrumb-top  {
display: none;

You can add the following the master page or add this to a content editor webpart.