K2 blackpearl: Why my workflow escalation did not kick off after X working days??

If you have Working Hours configured, for example, Mon-Friday, 8 working hours

Working Hours configured

And in your workflow, you configured an Escalation using the Escalate After template and filled in the Days value. For example, 3 days:

Escalate After template configured with Days = “3”


Your workflow WILL NOT be kicking off the escalation after 3 working days. It seems logical from the configurations, but it is not!

In the back-end, Escalation will convert Days to Hours, meaning 3 days x 24 hours = 72 hours. This will be the number of hours the Escalation is waiting for. When paired with Working Hours (8 hours working day in our example), the final escalation date will be 9 days later ( 72 hours / 8 hours = 9 days). This is how it works!

So, if you are using Escalation with Working Hours, always remember that Days will be converted to Hours to get the final escalation date. Hope it helps!

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