Setting Exception Handling

In K2 activity, you can set how K2 should handle any exception that is being thrown by K2 BP.

Activity Exception Property screen
Exception Property Screen

Depending on which checkbox is ticked, it can mean the activity proceed on to the next activity or stop completely and throwing exception.

Let’s take a simple workflow with a Start and another two activity in sequence. The following table shows what will happen depending on the ticked box.

Activity Exception table
Activity Exception table

Hence, with that in mind, if your activity or events to be triggered are not that important to the completion of the tasks, you may use row 2 of just ticking the checkbox of Enable Exception Rule and if the activity should complete but the exception should be log then use row 4.

Of course, try the various combination to determine which suits your requirement the best and note that if you are using VS.NET, then you can always write your own logging mechanism to handle the errors.

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