Spring 18 – Data management – maintenance exam

In a sandbox, an Architect changes a Lookup relationship to a Master-Detail on a custom object. The Architect packages this change into a change set. Following best practices, the Architect validates the change with a test-only deployment. However, the validation fails.

Why is the deployment failing?
A. The custom objects were not included in the change set.
B. Run All Tests was not selected.
C. Test Deployments do not support Master-Detail/Lookup field type changes.
D. You cannot change a field type between Master-Detail and Lookup.

of 5.Universal Containers (UC) is an ISV, and a managed package has been installed in a customer’s org. The customer has reported issues with UC’s app when global methods are invoked from Apex the customer wrote.

How does the Architect work with the customer to debug issues in their org?
A. Set debug log level to FINEST in the customer org.
B. Use the ISV Customer Debugger.
C. Conduct a Push Upgrade.
D. Install a beta managed package for additional logging.

3 of 5. The development team supports a Salesforce org with a large number of declarative and programmatic customizations. Each subsequent development project is taking longer to release as it includes all of the customizations for the org, instead of just the changes for the current project. The development team wants to be able to work at a more modular level, with only the code and customizations needed for a given project.

Which model overcomes these challenges and meets the needs of the team?

A. Scrum-based Agile methodology
B. Branch orgs with Continuous Integration
C. Change Sets based on features
D. Source-drive development with Salesforce DX

4 of 5. While developing code in a shared sandbox, developers frequently complain that their changes are being overwritten by other developers and want their own environment.

Which Salesforce DX feature will resolve this conflict?

A. Salesforce CLI
B. Developer Hub
C. Scratch orgs
D. Developer Controlled Packages

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