Salesforce Workflow 101

Salesforce provides many different options and functionality within the platform to help streamline and automate the business. The biggest challenge for any business administrator will be what will be the right options to use.

Today, we are going to talk about Workflow within Salesforce and explain what is the typical use cases and what it is not designed for.

Workflow within Salesforce is broken down into two different sections:

  • Workflow Actions
  • Workflow Rules


Workflow Actions & Rules
Workflow Actions
Workflow Rules

What are the Workflow Actions?

Workflow Actions are a set of defined actions that will take place should a condition is met!

An action doesn’t execute if it’s not linked to a rule.

What are the types of Workflow Actions?

  • Email Alerts
    Create email alerts that allow you to configure what email templates, objects in salesforce and recipients (queues, groups, roles, related users).
  • Field Updates
    Updates a field in an object, based on the workflow rules configured.
  • Outbound Messages
    Send an API call to an external system and messages are queued until they are sent, to preserve message reliability.

  • Send Actions
    Use send actions to save your support agents time by ensuring that email messages are sent automatically at the end of an approval process.

    Send actions are available only in organizations that have email drafts enabled.

  • Task
    Creation of Task and assigned to a group or individual user based on workflow rule.

What are Workflow Rules?

Workflow Rules consist of the following,

  • Criteria that cause the workflow rule to run.
  • Immediate actions that execute when a record matches the criteria. For example, can automatically send an email that notifies the account team when a new high-value opportunity is created.
  • Time-dependent actions that queue when a record matches the criteria, and execute according to time triggers. For example, can automatically send an email reminder to the account team if a high-value opportunity is still open ten days before the close date.

You can consume the Workflow action that you created within the Workflow Rules configuration screen.

Workflow Action is specific to Object (e.g Account, Opportunity..) in Salesforce.Amazon



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