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HOw to: WordPress MultiSite with Multi TOP level Domain (TLD)

The most powerful feature of WordPress Multisite is the ability to have multiple sites under one parent WordPress environment. This tutorial will help you add new sites to your WordPress Multisite environment and map a custom domain to the new site.

A lot of article focuses on multisite of WordPress on subdomains but this article will focus on have multisite with Top Level Domain (TLD).

Enabling Multisite on WordPress

For this section, you will need FTP access or SSH access.
Locate the following file, “wp-config.php”, this should in the following location, /var/www/wordpress/

Now you need to locate the following line of text within the file.

“/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */”

Add the following line above it.


Save and head back to the wp_admin console.

Installing Multi Site.

Head over to Tools -> Network Setup and hit Install

Multi Site-Network Setup

Head back to wp-config.php and paste the following code and edit .htaccess as per instruction.

Network Access (Domain Mapping)

Now when we log in, you can see the Network Access.
You can now create different sites but we want to have a different domain for each site. You can mess around with the .htaccess file but lets use an easier way.

Install the following WordPress plugin, https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-multi-network/

You should see the following screen, this allow you to easily access it and map the domain.